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We are increasing the quality of life on Earth for the long term by catalyzing the transition to regenerative agriculture .



  • Embrace the power of nature
  • Support business, health and wellbeing  
  • Support vibrant local communities   
  • Feed the world with flavorful and nutritious food   
  • Help reverse climate change
Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that works with nature, rather than against it, harnessing the chemical and biological power of soil itself. It has the potential to turn our food system into one that improves soil heath instead of degrading it, delivering vital ecosystem services like water retention enhancement and carbon sequestration, while producing high-quality food and raw materials that humanity needs to thrive.

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Focus areas

Focus Areas

The Soil Heroes Foundation focuses on three main ways to empower farmers to transition to regenerative practices and make it a worldwide standard:

  • Providing proof of practice
  • Sharing knowledge and practical resources
  • Building network

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We currently have three main projects under execution:


1. Water retention proof of practice project - We quantify the improvement in the water retention capacity of soil resulting from applying regenerative farming practices.

2. Toolbox for farmers - We are developing a practical guidebook for farmers on how to apply the 20 core principles of regenerative farming.

3. Landscape elements - We implemented flower field margins and biodiversity lanes on our fields, which improve crop resilience and enable us to reduce the external inputs.

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We are not doing it alone!

1% for the Planet
The University of Wageningen
The Waterboard Hollandse Delta
The EU
Province of Zuid Holland
Gemeente Hoeksche Waard
The Klompe Farm
The University of Amsterdam
Soil Heroes Company

Besides our main focus on improving soil health, we strive to increase the impact of ecosystem services. This enables farmers to gain directly from their transition and so secure long-term revenues.

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