Structure & Policy

Structure & Policy

Stichting Soil Heroes Foundation is a Foundation without a profit motive, solely focused on serving the common interest in the transition to regenerative farming.

Mission statement

Mission statement

Our mission: To enable the long-term viability of people in harmony with the planet.

Our goal: To stimulate and establish a regenerative society where restoration of soil health, soil biodiversity and the production of food with a higher nutrient density is central.

Overall objective: To catalyze the transition to regenerative farming globally.

Our approach: To support and stimulate regenerative initiatives globally and initiate and innovate ourselves.

leading to

Eventually leading to...

  • Restored soil health, biodiversity, water and air quality
  • New and fair business models for farmers
  • Increased nutritional value in food
  • A more stable climate and healthy planet

Stichting Soil Heroes Foundation holds a Golden Share of the Soil Heroes Operations to protect the purpose of the business, restoring soils for people and planet.

Management board

Management board

The composition of the management board is the following:

  • Ms. Alexandra Korijn - Co-founder at New AJE Capital, Board member at Toniic
  • Mr. Frederic Hoffmann (Treasurer) - Food & agriculture deal sourcing for GO!, board member of the MAVA Foundation
  • Ms. Annelies van der Vorm (Chairwoman) - Impact investor
Executive team

Executive team

  • Mellany Klompe - Founder
  • Annabelle Williams - Executive Director
  • Yasmine Cathell - Nutrition Project Manager

Policy Plan - Download the policy plan.
English version | Dutch version

Accountability and reporting

The foundation was established on March 19th,  2019. The financial, accounting and reporting for the year will be published in a joint report with 2020. We aim for the annual report to be ready in Q1 2021.