About Soil Heroes Foundation

About Soil Heroes Foundation

Time to transform the food & agriculture system

ecological emergency

We are facing an ecological emergency...

Soil is the new gold. It is the greatest asset a farmer owns, yet for decades, worldwide, it has been neglected, overused, depleted. Since the start of the industrial agricultural revolution, intensive monoculture and artificial farming practices have impacted the soil's capacity to provide the things we depend on for life itself. Clean air and water. Thriving biodiversity. Nutritious food. To name just a few.
Nature loss

Nature loss puts society and businesses at risk

Water - 70% of fresh water on Earth is used (inefficiently) by the agricultural sector.

Biodiversity - more than 75% of global food crop types rely on animal pollination. Many pollinators species are now threatened with extinction.

Carbon - growth in greenhouse gas emissions was the highest in 2018 since 2011. Due to temperature rise in the atmosphere, sea levels are rising at the highest rate in 3,000 years, at an average of 3mm per year. 

The Solution

The solution lies right beneath our feet...in our agricultural soils!

We believe healthy soils to be one of the biggest levers we have to reverse climate change and restore biodiversity at massive scale, while feeding the world population with nutritious and flavorful food.

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture:

  • Increases carbon sequestration in the soil, removing it from the atmosphere
  • Improves soil's water retention capacity, making crops more resilient to extreme weather events like droughts or floods
  • Increases biodiversity level and variety in the soil
  • Produces food with higher nutrient density 
changing farming practices

By changing farming practices, we restore nature

We aim to encourage widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture practices across Europe and beyond. We want to make farmers the stewards of land and biodiversity because we believe that nature conservation and restoration can only succeed if rooted locally, respecting local cultures and building the capacity of local organizations. Today, 11% (1.5 billion ha) of the globe's land surface is used for crop production. Therefore, if we can change the way we farm, we have the power to restore nature on a massive scale.
Focus areas

Focus areas

Provide proof of practice - by quantifying the ecosystem benefits resulting from applying regenerative agriculture practices on our own testing fields, verifying the results with experts and making the results available publicly. We want to prove that regenerative farming is a system that works ecologically and economically.

Build network and an enabling environment - by bringing together many different stakeholders (farmers, scientific institutes, governments, investors, entrepreneurs...) and creating empowering communication spaces for the key stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices.

Inspire action - by sharing the positive impact that regenerative agriculture has on the soil, on profitability at farm level, on product quality and on climate, we strive to encourage others to follow suit.

Learn more about our team, structure and practical data here .

For all of these reasons, our goal is to stimulate and establish a regenerative society where restoration of soil health, soil biodiversity and the production of food with a higher nutrient density is central.

Do you want to help us change the world through agriculture? Get in contact via annabelle@soilheroesfoundation.com.